Neues Software Release Fireware 12.1.1 und System Manager 12.1.1, AP Firmware 8.5.0-646, Mobile VPN with IPSec for Windows v12.13

Jetzt verfügbar:

  • Fireware Release  v12.1.1
  • Mobile VPN with IPSec for Windows v12.13
  • AP Firmware 8.5.0-646

WatchGuard is pleased to announce the release of WSM and Fireware v12.1.1. Fireware v12.1.1 is a planned update to the Firebox operating system that features critical enhancements to network security and resolves a number of longstanding Firebox limitations. At a high level, this release introduces:


DNSWatch is a new cloud-based service that monitors DNS requests through the Firebox to prevent connections to known malicious domains. It protects against malicious clickjacking and phishing domains regardless of connection type, protocol. or port. DNSWatch is included in the Total Security Suite subscription for Firebox T Series, M Series, XTMv, FireboxV, and Firebox Cloud appliances. Make sure you update your Firebox feature key to get access to this new service.

Support for New Dynamic DNS Providers

You can now configure Dynamic DNS with No-IP, Dynu, DNSdynamic,, Duck DNS, and Dyn.

Firebox Wireless Enhancements

This release includes multiple enhancements to wireless security, including the ability to manually disconnect Firebox wireless clients.

BOVPN over TLS Support in WatchGuard System Manager

You can now configure a Branch Office VPN over TLS in all Firebox user interfaces.

TLS Profiles

We have moved the content inspection settings from HTTPS proxy actions to TLS profiles.

Networking Enhancements

This release introduces many improvements to device networking, including:

  • USB Modem Support for Verizon 620L and 730L
  • Ability to connect USB modems to the Firebox with no reboot
  • Ability to configure a default gateway other than the Firebox IP address in the Firebox DHCP server
  • Per-interface configuration of DHCP relay
  • Apply firewall policies to intra-VLAN traffic setting is now enabled by default for external VLAN interfaces

Mobile VPN with IPSec for Windows v12.13

This release also includes an update the the Mobile VPN with IPSec Windows client from NCP. The v12.13 client includes:

  • Updated look to the Mobile VPN client and connection indicator icon
  • Ability to configure VPN Bypass in the client firewall to allow users to connect directly to specified networks without using the VPN
  • New Home Zone feature to enable connections to the user local network without specific administrator configuration on the client firewall

For more information on the feature updates and available bug fixes in this release, see the Enhancements and Resolved Issues section. For more detailed information about the feature enhancements and functionality changes included in Fireware v12.1.1 see Fireware Help or review What’s New in Fireware v12.1.1.

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