Neues Software Release Fireware 11.10.2 und WSM 11.10.2

Fireware and WSM version 11.10.2
WatchGuard is pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) of Fireware 11.10.2 and WSM 11.10.2.

What’s new in 11.10.2?
Along with many bug fixes, the new maintenance release also includes:

  • Support for Firebox M200 and M300
  •      Application Control fixes to identify applications used over proxy policies
    ·         Windows 10 verification for WatchGuard client software components
    ·         Support for new AT&T Beam and Pantech USB modems

The “What’s New in 11.10.2” presentation includes a full description of all new features.

Does This Release Pertain to Me?
The Fireware release applies to all Firebox and XTM appliances, except XTM 21/21-W, 22/22-W, or 23/23-W appliances.

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