Fireware 12.3.1 jetzt verfügbar

Seit dem 25. Januar verfügbar: Fireware 12.3.1 und WatchGuard System Manager 12.3.1.

Die Version 12.3.1 ist ein Maintenance-Release, d.h. es gibt nur kleine Änderungen:

  • Erweiterungen verschiedener Security Services
  • Erweiterungen und Fehlerbehebungen im Gateway Wireless Controller

Eine Übersicht der letzten Fireware Releases inkl. deren Neuerungen finden Sie HIER.

Download der Software aus dem WatchGuard Support Center:

Im Folgenden die Originalmeldung von WatchGuard:

Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware and WSM 12.3.1 Update 1

  • The update on January 25th resolves an issue with Fireware v12.3.1 in which the Gateway Wireless Controller could not manage most AP devices. [FBX-15365, FBX-15183]

Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware and WSM 12.3.1

  • This release resolves an issue with FireCluster log messages that caused Traffic Monitor to fail to display any log messages. [FBX-14840]
  • The Firebox no longer fails to send log messages to Dimension or a WatchGuard Log Server after you enable FIPS mode. [FBX-13318]
  • This release resolves a kernel crash on the Firebox T30, T50, T35, M200 and M300 models. [FBX-14699]
  • SSO Exceptions configured as a host range are no longer restricted to a single class C (/24) network. [FBX-14459, FBX-14753]
  • This release resolves an issue with Event Log Monitor threads not responding to user queries. [FBX-14317]
  • The Firebox System Manager SD-WAN status page now correctly displays failback options. [FBX-14639]
  • The new cluster master now correctly updates with routes from OSPF after a FireCluster failover event. [FBX-14909]
  • This release resolves an issue with PPPoE negotiation after FireCluster failover when a secondary network IP address is configured on the interface. [FBX-13499]
  • This release resolves a localization issue in Japanese-language Web UI in the TCP MTU Probing configuration. [FBX-10285]
  • The Firebox now correctly sends diagnostic log messages for Link Monitor. [FBX-13764]
  • This release corrects an issue that caused several CLI diagnostic commands for FQDN to fail. [FBX-13834]
  • You can now add domains that include underscore characters to DNS forwarding rules. [FBX-14012]
  • This release resolves an issue in which a flood of broadcast packets caused excessive memory usage. [FBX-14439]
  • IKEv2 multi-wan VPN failback now works correctly when one side of Branch Office VPN is behind a NAT device. [FBX-14842]
Centralized Management
  • You can now assign user roles in Management Server. [FBX-14816]
  • This release resolves an issue that caused managed Firebox templates to fail with the error message: Invalid Configuration. [FBX-14881]
Proxies and Services
  • The Firebox now correctly registers external secondary IP addresses when you enable DNSWatch. [FBX-14763]
  • This release resolves an IMAP proxy crash. [FBX-14123]
  • This release introduces APT scanning for objects identified as suspicious by Intelligent AV. [FBX-14716]
  • The Firebox now correctly labels Certificate Signing Requests for the Proxy Authority by that name instead of Proxy Server. [FBX-14134, FBX-13884]
  • You can now import a certificate with an Elliptical Curve (EC) private key. [FBX-14754]
Firebox Integrations
  • You can no longer specify invalid values for Memory Usage in a Tigerpaw configuration. [FBX-13881]
Gateway Wireless Controller and WatchGuard APs
  • You can now manually disconnect wireless clients in Gateway Wireless Controller in Firebox System Manager. [FBX-15043]
  • The Gateway Wireless Controller now indicates the AP power source detected by the Access Points which support detection. [FBX-14035, FBX-14662, FBX-14661]

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