Fireware 12.2 Beta

Derzeit sind wieder zwei Beta-Tests im Gange.

  • Fireware 12.2
    • mit “Intelligent Antivirus”, einer weiteren zusätzlichen AV-Engine
    • redundante SSO-Agent-Anbindung
    • das zentrale Geolocation-Profil ist pro Policy an/abschaltbar
  • AuthPoint (ein Cloud-gestützter Dual-Factor mit OTP und Push-Benachrichtigung)


New Features now in Beta in Fireware 12.2
Interested in new features? Help us test the next release of Fireware!  We have Fireware 12.2 in Beta now, and this new release adds some excellent new capabilities:

  • A second Artificial Intelligence based malware scan on rackmount appliances
  • Redundant SSO agents
  • Geolocation rules by policy

New controls in Policies, Proxies, and Services:

  • TLS Profiles for SMTP and POP3 proxies
  • WebBlocker Usability Enhancements
  • FQDN Enhancements
  • Ability to control Firebox-generated traffic

VPN Enhancements:

  • Secondary IP address support for BOVPN gateways
  • AES-GCM support
  • Updates to Mobile VPN with SSL and Access Portal settings

Certificate Management Enhancements:

  • Improved certificate management
  • Improvements to the certificate import process
  • Ability to select and use separate certificates for content inspection for an inbound HTTP proxy

Firebox Cloud Enhancements:

  • WSM support
  • Support for spamBlocker and Quarantine Server
  • Single Sign-On support

Other Enhancements:

  • Ability to restore a configuration from Fireware Web UI
  • Gateway Wireless Controller Enhancements
  • New options to see DNSWatch status

Click Here to sign up for the Beta program now and to learn more about the many new features.

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